Rumor: Google Looking To Implement Google TV Into Next Android Version.


Yesterday we expressed our disappointment that Google TV has only ONE session dedicated to it at Google IO – it’s called “Building Android Apps for Google TV”. What gives? Isn’t Google TV the wave of our entertainment future? I believe so… and if Android’s success is any indication we’re all in for a big surprise based on what one of our trusted tipsters indicates.

According to our tipster, Google is planning to merge the AOSP (Android Open Source Code) of what are currently three different areas: Google TV, Honeycomb 3.0 (Tablets), and Gingerbread 2.3 (Phones). That’s right, Android Ice Cream will be ONE project for all THREE code bases. Better yet, we’re hearing Google plans/hopes to make this announcement at Google IO on May 10th/11th!

It already made sense that Android dominated Google IO sessions this year, but now Google TV fans can get excited – even without the lack of “Google TV” in the IO session titles. I’d be willing to bet MANY more sessions will include Google TV discussion than are indicated by the session load.




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