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Android: 45% of the market by 2016

ABI Research

The last year has been a run for the Android platform taking a 71% growth over the previous year 2009. Android an open source platform for the mobile world will see a steady increase atleast into the year 2016. ABI research said that of the 302 million smartphone units shipped in 2010, 69 million were Android.

Apple ios will hold onto 19% through the year 2016, and Blackberry will fall from 16% in 2010 to 14% in 2016. Windows Mobile platform will retain a 7% increase through the year 2016.

The falling shipments of the Blackberry will contribute to the fall in sales thoughout the next 5 years.

ABI also expects the smartphone market to fully increase 19% through the next 5 years. With lower cost models to get in touch with cost-conscious consumers and replace their feature phones.


MonsterAndroid Moving Near Future

Monster Android Temp

MonsterAndroid will only be on wordpress for a short time until the new website is fully established. We hope you continue to follow us. You can follow us here or on twitter. . We will announce in the near future on when the full site will be functional.

HTC Thunderbolt Overclock

HTC Thunderbolt Custom Kernel

B16a2smith has done it again with the custom kernel on the HTC Thunderbolt. Looks like has been working hard on these custom kernels over the last week since the source code was released. The above pictures show the overclock of the phone and also the quadrant scores. These Quadrant scores are based of 2.2 Froyo & Custom based Kernel. What will be next with GB … over 3000 ? You can follow B16a2smith on twitter

Verizon iphone4 Launch (MOA)

The Launch of Verizons iphone4 doesn’t look to promising looking at this video taken here in Mall of America. It looks like the HTC Thunderbolt is outselling the iphone4 28% to 11% according to statistics taken from the Verizon Stores.

Rumor: Google Looking To Implement Google TV Into Next Android Version.


Yesterday we expressed our disappointment that Google TV has only ONE session dedicated to it at Google IO – it’s called “Building Android Apps for Google TV”. What gives? Isn’t Google TV the wave of our entertainment future? I believe so… and if Android’s success is any indication we’re all in for a big surprise based on what one of our trusted tipsters indicates.

According to our tipster, Google is planning to merge the AOSP (Android Open Source Code) of what are currently three different areas: Google TV, Honeycomb 3.0 (Tablets), and Gingerbread 2.3 (Phones). That’s right, Android Ice Cream will be ONE project for all THREE code bases. Better yet, we’re hearing Google plans/hopes to make this announcement at Google IO on May 10th/11th!

It already made sense that Android dominated Google IO sessions this year, but now Google TV fans can get excited – even without the lack of “Google TV” in the IO session titles. I’d be willing to bet MANY more sessions will include Google TV discussion than are indicated by the session load.



Droid X 2.3.3 Gingerbread port with Root & Deodoxed

Droid X Gingerbread

Well it looks like the Droid X got a face lift with p3Droids leaked version of Gingerbread. It also has improved the performance from the previous version of 2.2.1 Froyo. Screenshots show that the Quadrant Scores of Gingerbread blow Froyo out of the water. Now only if Motorola would unlock there bootloaders the Droid X would be competing with the best of the phones right now. You can download the new Gingerbread via TBH App on the market.



Looks like PSX4Droid has been pulled from the market. Conspiracy is saying that Sony has gotten involved in the situation and had Google pull the app from the market. The new Sony Xperia will have the Playstation controller built into the phone and will consist of the playstation market that will allow you to download games. Many people think that the removal also could of been from lack of support on the developers part. Ever since the new versions were released there were many complaints.